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Tradition – Experience – Innovation

Since its foundation in 1889 as a bright steel drawing plant, BESSEY has continuously set the standard in clamping and cutting tools.

New products and improvements thus continue to be developed on a long-term basis from innovative ideas, making the operator‘s work easier.

The focus is on comfort and safety. User-friendly operation and ergonomics represent the highest benchmark. Thanks to the designers´ many years of experience and to continuous communication with customers, BESSEY has a strong awareness of problem-solving.

The result is clamping and cutting tools true to the guiding principle: “BESSEY. Simply better.”


Clamping and cutting tools from professional for professionals

When you are looking for innovative solutions for clamping and fixing workpieces as well as cutting sheet metal, then you will find at BESSEY Tool GmbH & Co. KG the best solutions. BESSEY provides visitors with fascinating insights into the versatile applications of its quality tools.

The exhibition program ranges from tried and tested to novelties. These include, for example, the new telescopic drywall support ST, the revised K Body REVO parallel clamps KRE and KREV and the self-adjusting toggle clamp range STC with its versatile application possibilities.

Whether classic clamps or special solutions are needed - BESSEY offers every craftsman the appropriate clamping and cutting tool ready to support him in his work optimally.

Подпорка для потолка и монтажа

Подпорка для потолка и монтажа

The flexible but stable ST telescopic drywall support serves as a helping “extra hand” for safe one-man assembly during dry construction. It is available in three sizes and can handle up to 60 kilograms. A secure grip is ensured by the rubberised contact surfaces. The base plates have a swivel range of -45° to +45°. This means it can also be used on slopes. An unintentional retraction of the inner tube is prevented by locking the release button.

Корпусная струбцина REVO KRE / KREV

Корпусная струбцина REVO KRE / KREV

The well-established K Body REVO parallel clamp from BESSEY has been refreshed with added power and safety features. It clamps and expands workpieces with fragile surfaces with up to 8,000 N of clamping force. The range of sophisticated accessories ensures that there is a suitable solution for almost every application.

Изменяемые быстрозажимные приспособления STC

Изменяемые быстрозажимные приспособления STC

The variable BESSEY STC toggle clamps combine innovative technology with the highest BESSEY quality. The result: BESSEY toggle clamps have an extremely large clamping range and adapt automatically to different work piece dimensions within a certain clamping range. The benefits are clear to see: One size of the BESSEY toggle clamp replaces multiple competitor sizes simultaneously and it can be used up to 5 times faster.

Новости и новинки

Изменяемые быстрозажимные приспособления STC 

Изменяемые быстрозажимные приспособления STC марки BESSEY сочетают инновативную технику с высшим качеством BESSEY. Как результат: быстрозажимные приспособления BESSEY обладают чрезвычайно большим диапазоном высоты зажима и автоматически подстраиваются в определенных пределах под детали различн...| » Дополнительная информация 

The evolution of the K Body REVO parallel clamps KRE / KREV 

In the new version there’s a lot in it. With the design renewal the clamps got further product features for additional user benefits apart from more power and safety: With up to 8,000 N of clamping force, the new parallel clamp has a powerful grip due to its metal-reinforced plastic housin...| » Дополнительная информация 

The latest generation of compound leverage snips D39ASS 

With the Erdi D39ASS, BESSEY is bringing an entirely new generation of compound leverage shape and straight cutting snips to the market for the sheet metalworking industry. These sheet metal snips enable faster and more precise work with easier operation. Also innovative in the snips segment i...| » Дополнительная информация 


Bessey Tool GmbH & Co. KG
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Alexander Hanzelmann
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119454 Москва

Телефон: +7 495 7373497

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